Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Tires

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Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tire is available in 62 sizes priced from $140.00.

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Falken Wildpeak A/T3W is an All-Terrain tire designed to fit crossovers, minivans, passenger cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans.

Available Tire Sizes

215/65R17 99T

from $174.00

215/75R15 106/103R

from $140.00

215/85R16 115/112R

from $187.00

225/65R17 102T

from $182.00

225/75R16 115/112S

from $166.00

235/65R16 121/119R

from $194.00

235/65R17 104H

from $161.96

235/70R16 109T

from $165.00

235/75R15 109T

from $145.00

235/75R17 109T

from $195.00

235/80R17 120/117R

from $224.00

235/85R16 120/116S

from $192.00

245/65R17 111T

from $187.00

245/70R17 114T

from $192.00

245/75R16 112T

from $166.00

245/75R17 121/118S

from $247.00

255/65R17 114T

from $209.00

255/70R16 115T

from $173.00

255/70R17 112T

from $207.00

255/70R18 113T

from $229.00

255/80R17 121/118S

from $237.00

265/60R18 114T

from $228.00

265/60R20 121/118S

from $314.00

265/65R17 116T

from $208.00

265/65R18 114T

from $248.00

265/70R16 112T

from $185.00

265/70R17 121/118S

from $246.00

265/70R18 124/121S

from $253.00

265/75R16 116T

from $191.00

275/55R20 117T

from $246.00

275/60R20 115T

from $249.00

275/65R18 116T

from $237.00

275/65R20 126/123S

from $357.00

275/70R17 114/110S

from $258.00

275/70R18 125/122S

from $303.00

285/55R20 122/119T

from $361.00

285/60R20 125/122R

from $355.00

285/65R18 125/122S

from $349.00

285/65R20 127/124R

from $380.00

285/70R17 121/118S

from $280.00

285/75R16 126/123R

from $268.00

285/75R17 121/118S

from $304.00

285/75R18 129/126R

from $346.00

295/60R20 126/123R

from $397.00

295/70R18 129/126R

from $278.00

305/55R20 121/118S

from $363.00

305/65R18 124/121R

from $336.00

305/70R16 124/121R

from $275.00

30x9.50R15 104S

from $170.00

315/70R17 121/118S

from $317.00

315/75R16 127/124R

from $300.00

31x10.50R15 109S

from $185.00

325/60R20 126/123S

from $453.00

325/65R18 127/124S

from $365.00

32x11.50R15 113R

from $215.00

33x12.50R15 108R

from $226.00

35x12.50R15 113R

from $276.00

35x12.50R17 121R

from $343.00

35x12.50R18 128R

from $374.00

35x12.50R20 125R

from $419.00

37x12.50R18 128R

from $390.00

37x12.50R20 126R

from $436.00

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