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Best 265/45R19 Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

Ultra high performance summer tires are focused on sharp handling on dry and wet roads with good ride quality and tread life. Not designed for winter driving.

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265/45R19 Tire Size Fitment

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265/45R19 Tire Size Specifications

265/45R19 is a Metric tire with a section or tread width of 10.4 inches, wheel diameter of 19 inches, and overall diameter of 28.4 inches. 265/45R19 tire has a circumference of 89.2 inches, making 710 revolutions per mile.

265/45R19 Section Width
265/45R19 Tire Side
19 Inch Wheel
Tire Circumference
710 Revs/Mile

Overall Diameter: 28.4"

Tread Width: 10.4"

Wheel Diameter: 19"

Sidewall Height: 4.7"

Circumference: 89.2"

Revolutions per Mile: 710

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