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Best 205/80R16 All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires provide adequate capability both on and off the road. While tougher than highway tires, expect to sacrifice some ride comfort and on-road traction.

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205/80R16 Tire Size Fitment

No vehicles are equipped with 205/80R16 as original equipment tire size.

205/80R16 Tire Size Specifications

205/80R16 is a Metric tire with a section or tread width of 8.1 inches, wheel diameter of 16 inches, and overall diameter of 28.9 inches. 205/80R16 tire has a circumference of 90.7 inches, making 699 revolutions per mile.

205/80R16 Section Width
205/80R16 Tire Side
16 Inch Wheel
Tire Circumference
699 Revs/Mile

Overall Diameter: 28.9"

Tread Width: 8.1"

Wheel Diameter: 16"

Sidewall Height: 6.5"

Circumference: 90.7"

Revolutions per Mile: 699

Replacement Tire Sizes for 205/80R16

205/80R16 tire can be replaced with 32 compatible tire sizes. Select optional plus size to see all available tire models.